Museum District | August 2014

1. THE MENIL COLLECTION www.menil.org     Beginning on August 16, Darlo Robleto: The Boundary of Life is Quietly Closed is both a scientific and artistic adventure that ... More


DESIGN | August 2014

Minimal Luxe Architect Rocio Diaz and her husband Francisco Zorilla bring worldly modern panache to a custom Houston home. The great room in Rocio Diaz and Francisco ... More


Destination | August 2014

Six Senses Resorts A bout two hours outside of Dubai, just past the border into Oman, my driver turns off the coastal desert highway and points the car ... More


FAT Finds | August 2014

Caftans I’m sure you immediately think beachwear but why not think outside the box? Say cute lunch outfit? Wedding attire? Even glam maternity wear! Lucky for me us, ... More


Mentertainment | August 2014

It’s All in the Details Bringing people together at your home to watch an anticipated season finale or listen to a new release of your favorite artist doesn’t have to send ... More


Things I love | August 2014

Not going to lie, the packaging sold me on these cleaners initially, but Simply Spotless is made up of only four products to clean the entire home: a wood cleaner, a fabric ... More